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— What are requirements for preparation of surface to apply GPSpraykote®?

— Surface should be cleaned from dirt, dust and debris using brushes, vacuum cleaner or compressed air. Removal of stains of petrol, oil and other oil products should be done using “White spirit” with further flushing by water. Before application of membrane, surface should not be wet too much, however some remaining moisture is allowed. To improve adhesion to the surface, it is recommended to prime surface with rubber emulsion without catalyst prior to application of the main membrane. Application of membrane should be done with smooth layers, by even motions, with every other pass overlapping approximately 30% of previous application. You should repeat application on applied area by perpendicular passes. You can apply liquid rubber by brash, roller or palette knife, however you should always follow above said recommendations. Before application, you should thoroughly mix emulsion manually, or by using electric mixer on low rpm, so to avoid foam development. When applying you should mix emulsion every 30 minutes, to avoid heterogeneity of the content. Non-mixing can cause worsening of the membrane quality and early break of the equipment. To prepare 2nd component (catalyst) you should mix 5,5 kg of calcium chloride (supplied dry) with 40 liters of water, then thoroughly mix at low rpm. After finishing works, it is required to clean all hoses, pumps and spray gun. When it is liquid, GPSpraykote® can be removed by water, however after it becomes dry or mixed with catalyst, it can be removed only using such solvent as “White spirit”.

— Is it possible to conduct works in winter time?

— Liquid rubber is made on the base of water and is affected by freezing temperatures. Thus it is recommended to conduct works on waterproofing at temperatures not below +5°C. During winter time it is possible to conduct operations only in enclosed areas.

— What is the range of GPSpraykote® products?

— GPSpraykote® membrane coating has following range of products: GPSpraykote® 2-component; GPSpraykote® 1-component; GPSpraykote® colored; GPSpraykote® joint. GPSpraykote® 2-component – cold application waterproofing system consist of bitumen emulsion and catalyst. It is applied by cold airless spraying, without use of open fire, using special equipment «GPSprayEquipment» with two-nozzle spray gun. Mixing of components is conducted directly at applied surface. It is solidifying instantly straight after application, and does not require additional protection layer. GPSpraykote® 1-component – is a water based emulsion made from purified oil bitumen, polymers and elastomers. Product is ready for use, and applied manually with brush or roller. Second and further layers are applied only after full solidification of the previous layer. GPSpraykote® colored – is a ready to use one-component product for application of thin layer of seamless decoration waterproofing. It can be applied both on applied 2-component GPSpraykote® to make color (thickness 0,8-1mm), and on non-waterproofed surfaces (thickness 2 mm). product is applied by spraying equipment or manually by brush and roller. Any GPSpraykote® membrane, regardless of application method, after solidification becomes membrane with high elasticity, good resistance to mechanical deformations, absolute water-, steam- and gas-resistance, maintains its protection properties within temperature range from -65°C up to +95°C, and stays against technical stresses, aggressive environments and UV/ozone influence for several decades without changing its own structure.

— When can we apply waterproofing membrane on concrete?

— Best time for application of liquid rubber to the cement – 28th day starting from the date of grouting. However, you can apply membrane to the wet cement, which will cause bubbling of liquid rubber during at least 1,5 week due to exhalation of the moisture from the cement. More detailed information you can find at the page for waterproofing of foundations.

— Can we repair rooftop with GPSpraykote® without removing old waterproofing layers?

— Yes, you can. Liquid rubber – is the best waterproofing material convenient to work on repair of any rooftop. Liquid rubber applied by spraying resulting development of seamless and elastic waterproofing membrane, which have good adhesion to any type of surfaces, including 100% adhesion to any rooftop materials (when we say about repair of rooftop). Time required for rooftop repair considerably reduced, thus during one working day you can apply up to 1000 sq.m of rooftop. You can repair rooftop made from roofing slate, metal, concrete, wood, rooftops with complicated shape with any types of joining, thermo insulated rooftops, flat soft rooftops without removal of old carpet.

— What color will be my artificial lake/terrace/rooftop?

— Color of waterproofing layer GPSpraykote® will be black, however you can apply finishing layer of any color you like.

— Can we make artificial lake/open reservoir/rooftop/foundation by ourselves?

— You can apply waterproofing yourself, it does not require any special skills. However you better use only 1-component GPSpraykote®, as it is applied simply with brush/roller, if you have small job to do. Regarding artificial lakes/open reservoirs, we recommend use technology «GPSpraykote®-Geotextile» only for areas less than 30 sq.m.

— What is it used for (liquid rubber)?

— In principle, liquid rubber is universal material. You can use it as waterproofing, soundproofing and as corrosion resistance (for example bottom of the car). Due to spray technology, it can be applied to any surface: vertical, horizontal, uneven, with corners, convex, in general any kind.

— What is the price for GPSpraykote® liquid rubber and equipment?

— All prices are in the price list. Cost of waterproofing services differs depending on complexity, type and volume of works. To calculate cost of your waterproofing, please call +971-50-3460525 or send e-mail to