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Waterproofing of foundations

Use of liquid rubber when waterproofing foundation can help to avoid lot of problems, which can raise both during waterproofing works and during operation of building/structure…

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Waterproofing of basements

Waterproofing with GPSpraykote® liquid rubber is the optimal solution for this kind of task. GPSpraykote® liquid rubber — is the new generation of walls waterproofing because…

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Waterproofing of rooftops

Waterproofing of rooftops one of the main areas of use of GPSpraykote® liquid rubber. Main application is waterproofing of plain rooftops where aggressive impact of soluble…

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Waterproofing of lakes

Unique properties of GPSpraykote® liquid rubber allows to use it for waterproofing of open reservoirs. Moreover, all conventional materials, such as poly vinyl chloride film or butyl rubber…

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Waterproofing of bathrooms

When you plan to make waterproofing yourself, it is important to choose good material with well-known brand. This material effectively protects surface from influence of high humidity…

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Waterproofing of pools

Lifetime and operation of swimming pool depend on type and material of waterproofing. The most popular design of swimming pool is concrete structure with tiles covering…

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