Development of tourism in Kazakhstan

Tourism is one of the most developing sectors of the economy and foreign economic activity. The growing influence of tourism on the world economy, as well as on the economy of a particular country or region, is one of the tendencies that accompanies the development of the world economy.

In Kazakhstan, tourism should be allocated to an independent branch of the national economy, whose activities are aimed at meeting the needs of the population. The diversity of needs is met both by tourism enterprises and enterprises of other industries. There is a multiplicative impact on the development of the national economy.


Tourism is a factor of international integration processes, and tourism business is one of the most important sectors of the economy. Kazakhstan has a huge potential for tourism development. Unfortunately, this potential has not yet been realized on the regional or international market. The availability of recreational resources and historical and cultural heritage will allow the country to integrate into the international tourism market in the future. That will ensure the growth of employment and incomes of the local population, as well as the stimulation and development of industries adjacent to the tourism industry. The tourism industry is recognized as a priority in the Republic.

A special place is given to the tourist cluster in the economy. Trends show that tourists tend to countries where the tourist sector is only getting development. The main goal of tourism development in Kazakhstan is the creation of a tourist complex, on the basis of which conditions for the development of economic sectors will be provided, as well as integration into the world tourism industry.

The tourist complex must be developed in all directions. Here also the development of highways, air communication, the construction of tourist hotels and hotels using modern building materials, pricing policy, regional development, training in tourism business and much, much more. Tourism, as the driver of the economy, necessarily entails the development of other industries.

Every year in the Republic of Kazakhstan there is an increase in the tourist flow in all directions. There is an increase in the number of inbound tourism tourists, as well as the number of visitors for outbound and inbound tourism.

All of the above contributes to the growth of the competitiveness of the tourism industry in the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as the international attractiveness of the country as a direction. Further growth contributes to the creation of a competitive infrastructure in the tourism industry, the formation of new tourist national products, as well as their promotion in local, regional and international markets.