Vidatox — Vidatox — a body cleanser — an effective Cuban drug «Vidatox» has a number of advantages, it has been developed for 15 years.

Vidatox — a body cleanser — an effective Cuban drug «Vidatox» has a number of advantages, it has been developed for 15 years.

The Cuban anti-cancer drug Vidatox is a drug that successfully fights tumors, pain, fever and inflammation in the body. It was developed in Cuba for 15 years and is a poison diluted in alcohol, blue scorpion, an endemic species that lives only in the eastern part of Liberty Island.

The healing powers of poison have been known for a very long time, since the time of Columbus, when people used it to treat various diseases. The fact is that this poison acts selectively, exclusively on the diseased area and diseased cells, therefore, when Vidatox is used, there is no harm to healthy ones.

The Cuban drug Vidatox can also be used in oncology. This remedy is very effective for the treatment of various cancer diseases. The treatment and prevention of cancer with this Cuban drug has been proven by numerous studies in which about ten thousand people with cancer from various countries of Europe, the USA and Cuba took part. As a result of research, it was proved that using the drug Vidatox, the body is cleansed, the quality of life of patients is improved, namely, lost appetite is restored, muscle mass increases, and the development of the tumor slows down, and in some cases it disappears!

The use of Vidatox does not lead to addiction of the drug.

The drug Vidatoks must be applied drip under the tongue. In addition, this homeopathic remedy can be used simultaneously with the process of chemotherapy, as well as with other anticancer agents, without violating the prescribed treatment regimen for the patient, which is prescribed by the oncologist.

The Cuban drug Vidatox is a disease prevention, as well as a medicine that can enhance and facilitate the effect of the chemotherapy process, as well as radiation therapy, in order to reduce undesirable consequences.

The drug Vidatox is recommended to be used for at least 3-4 months.

This homeopathic preparation is recommended to be stored in a dark and dry place at room temperature. Vidatox should not be subject to sudden changes in temperature. In addition, the drug should be stored away from sources of electromagnetic radiation and fields, namely away from devices such as televisions, cell phones, radios, electric motors, and so on.

The drug Vidatox is currently manufactured by the Cuban company Labiofam and is available in containers of thirty milliliters.

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