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Waterproofing of artificial lakes, open water reservoirs

Unique properties of GPSpraykote® liquid rubber allows to use it for waterproofing of open reservoirs. Moreover, all conventional materials, such as poly vinyl chloride film or butyl rubber are at a disadvantage against liquid rubber considering all parameters.

Artificial lakes where liquid waterproofing is applied, can be used not only as a decoration, but also for swimming and breeding of fish. Resulted from liquid rubber application membrane is elastic and at the same time very strong. In case of breakage, you can repair only affected area by yourself very quick. Safety of this waterproofing is confirmed by tests, certification and long experience of successful application. There is no danger from waterproofing for your kids health, animals, herbs and fishes will not be harmed from these works.

Technology of application for waterproofing of open reservoirs is very simple. First, you cover open ground with geotextile, then liquid rubber is sprayed on the top of it. This allows to make reservoirs with any shape, i.e. you can design any relief of the bottom. Solid seamless membrane protects from leakage. Also there are no problems with decoration of the banks.

GPSpraykote® liquid waterproofing works within wide range of temperatures, and suitable even for severe Russian climate. Even at -40°C, membrane waterproofing is not cracked and damaged. Artificial lakes with liquid waterproofing will stay for a long time as liquid rubber has a long lifetime. We offer to construction companies delivery of liquid rubber and assistance in liquid waterproofing of open reservoirs. Also we provide liquid waterproofing for open reservoirs to private customers.

1. Basis – compacted ground;
2. Under layer – geotextile;
3. Binding – metal, plastic;
4. Weight – cement-sand;
5. Priming — GPSpraykote® emulsion;
6. Reinforcement layer – geotextile saturated with GPSpraykote® emulsion;
7. Rubber coating — GPSpraykote® emulsion, catalyst.

You can find more information on delivery of GPSpraykote® liquid rubber or on our services on artificial lakes and reservoirs waterproofing, if you call us on +971-50-3460525, or e-mail info@gpstroy.ae