Waterproofing of basements

Advantages of the liquid rubber.

Waterproofing with GPSpraykote® liquid rubber is the optimal solution for this kind of task. GPSpraykote® liquid rubber — is the new generation of walls waterproofing because this material provides following:

— Safety, because absolutely now harm to human and environment;
— Easy and fast to apply;
— No any additional treatment required within next 50 years;

GPSpraykote® waterproofing provides not only elastic, but also elegant coating. Also seamless membrane allows motion of basis. If you need waterproofing of basement, it is recommended to call experienced specialists who can consider all the factors required for high quality result. Main factors are: absence/presence of drainage system, main purpose of the facility, level of ground water, etc. However if you want to make waterproofing by yourself, you always can call our company to purchase liquid rubber.

You can find more information on delivery of GPSpraykote® liquid rubber or on our services on basement waterproofing, if you send e-mail info@gpstroy.ae.

Types of basement waterproofing.

Mistakes in construction of basements lead to collection of water in the facilities, leakages and condensation on the walls. GPSpraykote® waterproofing is the optimal solution for these problems. This material is safe for human and environment, works done in a short period, and renovation will not be required within next 50 years. Waterproofing of basements is required as everything made from concrete have permeability for water.

Waterproofing of parking and garages provides quality and reliability, guarantees safety for objects inside. Mold, peeled off cement, wet walls and ceilings are alarming signals on necessity of some measures to be taken. The best way to save money and time – to conduct waterproofing works at the stage of construction. Basement, protected with materials of GPSpraykote®, is ready for operations at all season of the year.