Waterproofing of bathrooms and toilets

Our material combines simplicity, affordable price and long lifetime.

When you plan to make waterproofing yourself, it is important to choose good material with well-known brand. This material effectively protects surface from influence of high humidity. Quality material should meet following requirements:

— Eco-friendly;
— Safety for human and animals;
— Non-allergy;
— No need special skills for application;
— Suitable for any type of surface.

GPSpraykote® — truly reliable waterproofing material.

«GPSSpraykote LLC» one of the leaders in professional waterproofing, would like to present you one-component GPSpraykote® liquid rubber. It is water based emulsion of purified oil bitumen, polymers and elastomers.

It is an ideal option for waterproofing made by you. Buying GPSpraykote® liquid rubber you obtain ready-to-use material, simple in application. You can apply GPSpraykote® by brush or roller. It is recommended to apply several layers. Every next layer applied after full solidification of previous one. Consumption of the material is more than economical: 0,6 kg per 1 sq.m with 1mm thickness.

Considering that you can choose any packaging (1 kg, 2.5 kg, 5 kg, 20 kg or 30 kg) total cost of bathroom waterproofing becomes very attractive! You can find more information on one-component liquid rubber by e-mail info@gpstroy.ae.