Waterproofing of foundations

Use of liquid rubber when waterproofing foundation can help to avoid lot of problems, which can raise both during waterproofing works and during operation of building/structure.

Strength and lifetime of the building, costs of construction are depending from many factors, including correct waterproofing of foundation, correct choice for depth of ground water. That is why great meaning is the right choice of waterproofing material which can stand against pocketing of ground, increasing of hydrostatic pressure to the foundation. Liquid waterproofing of foundation provides protection for the whole complex of elements with the same reliability and quality. This material was developed with original technology has such a physical and chemical properties which allow working for a long time in wide range of applications. Waterproofing of foundations with GPSpraykote® material provides full protection from leaks due to absence of joints, good adhesion to all construction materials and elasticity, which is very important in the packing grounds where formation of cracks is possible. Hydrostatic resistance with 23,8 atmosphere (350psi) pressure, confirmed by testing, allows to use this waterproofing when allocating foundation on water lens, additional protection and drainage not required.

One of the features of liquid rubber waterproofing is possibility to application at very restricted areas (gap between walls from 0,4 m). This material also can be applied at basements.

1. Base of foundation – ground, sand, gravel;
2. Padding – concrete;
3. Priming — GPSpraykote® emulsion;
4. Waterproofing — GPSpraykote®, catalyst;
5. Reinforcement – Geotextile saturated with GPSpraykote® emulsion;
6. Protection coating – concrete, cement;
7. Foundation plate – reinforced concrete.