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Waterproofing of rooftops

Waterproofing of rooftops one of the main areas of use of GPSpraykote® liquid rubber. Main application is waterproofing of plain rooftops where aggressive impact of soluble, steam or gas is presented. Liquid rooftop used for buildings constructed in the areas with intensive UV and long influence of below minus temperatures. Waterproofing with liquid rubber is required for buildings with a lot of joints, communication and other equipment allocated on the rooftop.

Excellent results of application of liquid rubber for waterproofing made good references for this technology at the market. Advantages of GPSpraykote® material are:

— Easy and fast to apply;
— No seams and joints, reliability of the material;
— Elasticity;
— Eco-friendly and long lifetime;
— Resistance to temperatures, UV and ozone;
— Safety when conducting waterproofing works;
— Non-flammable and no toxic pollutions.

Waterproofing with GPSpraykote® rubber is possible for rooftops of any shape and configuration. And use of color finishing coating allows to bring any color adding energy saving and decoration properties.

1. Base — reinforced concrete;
2. Steam proofing – GPSpraykote® emulsion, catalyst;
3. Reinforcement layer – Geotextile saturated with GPSpraykote® emulsion;
4. Thermal insulation – foam polystirol;
5. Protection layer – geotextile;
6. Cement covering – concrete;
7. Priming — GPSpraykote® emulsion;
8. Rubber coating — GPSpraykote® emulsion, catalyst.

Services on waterproofing

«GPSSpraykote LLC» offers services in UAE on waterproofing of rooftops using GPSpraykote® liquid rubber. Applied equipment allows to operate from the ground at the 5th level of building. This guarantee conduction of most complicated orders within short time.

Even in such a narrow activity as waterproofing of rooftops, GPSpraykote® liquid rubber provides wide range of possibilities, such as:

— Renovation of flat and soft rooftop without removal of the old coating;
— Repair of the rooftop made from roofing slate;
— Repair of metal rooftops;
— Improvement of concrete rooftops;
— Treatment of wooden rooftops.

Shape of the rooftop and quantity of joints is not playing any role. You can find more information on the phone +971-50-3460525 or by e-mail info@gpstroy.ae.