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GPSpraykote® waterproofing material.

"GPSSpraykote LLC" – professional services on waterproofing of buildings and constructions, delivery of liquid rubber GPSpraykote®. "GPSSpraykote LLC" is a daughter company of "GerPromStroy" (Russia) who is the owner of GPSpraykote® trademark and is the manufacturer of liquid rubber.
GPSpraykote® liquid rubber is manufactured from high quality raw material supplied from factories in Europe and North America. Using this material we can guarantee continual high quality of our waterproofing material and services provided. Our priority is promotion of liquid rubber GPSpraykote® at regional markets and development of dealership network in GCC countries.
We have branch-offices and warehouses in Moscow (Russia), Almaty (Kazakhstan), Minsk (Belorus), Cetinje (Montenegro) and Dubai (United Arab Emirates).
Dynamic development and professional approach to the activity allow to make considerable breakthrough in informing customers on our product, in making our brand recognizable, to make customers familiar with innovation technologies in construction. Big investments in research works let us to improve content of the product, to create new perspective samples of the material for use at construction.
Waterproofing – is complicated, and probably one of the most important parts of construction. Mistakes in waterproofing similar to mistakes in design, as per consequences. That is why all operations on roof top waterproofing, basement waterproofing, or artificial lake waterproofing should be conducted by experienced specialists.
What is waterproofing? First of all – it is material, second, but not less important – is man factor. In our case, material – GPSpraykote® liquid rubber – initially minimizes man made mistakes. And this is considerable saving in not only money, but also in labor cost.
Universal, ecofriendly waterproofing material "GPSpraykote® liquid rubber" have special place at waterproofing materials market, because it has obvious advantages against traditional materials:
- It is applied as continuous, seamless membrane;
- Elastic and flexible, is allows basis to move;
- Binds cracks and small holes in concrete;
- It is applied and becomes solid without heating;
- Burners and boilers are not required;
- Up to 80% instant solidification;
- No solvents inside;
- Even and economical application;
- Minimal requirements for surface preparation;
- Allows to have some moisture at the applied surface;
- High chemical resistance.

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