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GPSpraykote® liquid rubber.

Liquid rubber is two-component waterproofing system, consisting of basic element and solidification catalyst. It is applied by cold spraying, and after solidification it forms strong membrane. Applied waterproofing has high adhesion to any basis (steel, concrete, rubber shields) regardless to its shape, does not have seems and joints, does not have any smell, and has a long lifetime.
Membrane coating/GPSpraykote® liquid rubber – it is bitumen based emulsion with cold application, used for high quality waterproofing of vertical and horizontal surfaces. Rubber membrane system for liquid waterproofing GPSpraykote® on the base of polymer-bitumen water emulsion is the two-component system for cold application (emulsion + catalyst) with instant solidification.
Liquid rubber waterproofing is used for waterproofing of rooftops, both inversion and traditional. Complex of operations includes repair of old waterproofing, waterproofing and corrosion protection for concrete and metal structures with any shape.
Liquid waterproofing has maximum protection level from UV.
Regardless of solidification stage or age of previous coating, applied liquid rubber waterproofing ties with the basis at molecular level, creating something like welding. No other construction material have such a unique property.
Rubber membrane has outstanding elasticity: rate of elongation is over 1000% having at the same time high limit of strength. This prevents from lamination from basis in case of temperature deviations, water pressure, vibrations and rapid shocks. In solid condition, rubber membrane system does not become fragile and breakable; by ages it becomes stronger, however keeps elasticity. That is why it is not crumble and peel, as it happens to other materials.
2 mm thickness of seamless waterproofing corresponds to 4-layer rubber shield waterproofing. Our 1,5-2,0 mm thickness material has resistance to 23,5 atmosphere hydrostatic pressure. Liquid rubber is the modern alternative to all roll and membrane coatings which are applied with the heat. Sales of liquid rubber opens new possibilities for both construction companies and any private person.
You can buy high quality GPSpraykote® liquid rubber from GPSSpraykote LLC. We offer flexible conditions for cooperation, wide range of qualified services, good pricing policy.
This ergonomic material is applied by two-channel equipment with air-free spraying. Solidification goes instantly, when components are mixed at the stream on the surface of basis. Application is conducted at the temperature not below +5C. it is allowed to apply material on wet basis.
Application of GPSpraykote® can be combined with reinforced molded fabric (geotextile) with density from 30 gr/sq.m up to 200 gr/sq.m. Joints, rapid outer and inner corners, places which are subject to pressure or extension with breakage – all should be reinforced with such a material.
Advantages of GPSpraykote® material:
- Applied as solid seamless membrane;
- Elastic and flexible, thus allows basis to move;
- Binds cracks and small holes in even smoothest concrete;
- Applied and hardened without heating;
- No burners and boilers required;
- Instant solidification of up to 80%;
- No solvents included;
- Provides even and economical application;
- Minimal requirements for surface preparation;
- Allows application on wet surfaces;
- Ecofriendly and safe;
- Good chemical resistance;
- Waterproofing material with cathodic (attracting) properties;
- Waterproofing with liquid rubber provides full elimination of leaks.
Application of GPSpraykote® coating provides following:
- Technology: can be applied to any shape and configuration of surface;
- Mobility: can be equipped with hoses with up to 150m length, which allow to operate on remote surfaces and hard-to-reach places;
- Stability: even application of material as a solid membrane;
- Economy: our company can provide application of GPSpraykote® on up to 10,000 sq.m surface during one working day;
- Long lifetime (up to 50 years);
- Coating made from GPSpraykote® does not need any special maintenance and can be easily repaired.

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